About LoveJoy Enterprises

Thank You for your interest. Kimberly & Mick are a recently married couple that are excited to work with both people and animals on their journey to be their best and happiest!

Mick has been doing healing work since 2001. He is a former Live Sound Engineer & Senior Systems Engineer. He specializes in “reprogramming” people to remove the useless limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and emotions imposed upon us in childhood, school life and adult life. He has a unique gift of seeing solutions where others cannot. He knows just how to communicate with the subconscious to get the fastest results possible. He is always looking to make the healing process faster as most people are too busy to spend a lot of time on themselves.

Kimberly has been on many awakening paths for the past 15 years. She has learned the importance of diet on the brain and body. She loves working with animals and is working on deepening her ability to contact mentally with them. She has a more soothing approach to healing and she radiates the most amazing energy.

Together Mick & Kimberly are creating a Not For Profit organization to help liberate people from self-imposed limitations.

Please click on the Contact page to email any questions or comments to either Mick or Kimberly.