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Mick & Kimberly LoveJoy are Energy Healers using an advanced form of Theta Healing (healing the mind, body & spirit using Theta brain wave energy). Basically what this means is I connect to Creator Source Energy and use it to change the energy fields of the people I connect with (whom have given me their permission to do so). So if you are missing certain "instructions" or energies I can place them within. If you have "bad code" (beliefs or other energies that are blocking you) I can remove it and replace it with something more supportive to your goals. http://OneDollarHealings.com - Energy Healings for $1 USD a month
Healings With LoveJoy
Healings With LoveJoy1 week ago
RE: OneDollarHealings.com
I just found out yesterday that our hosting site might be changing their fee structure in such a way that my $1 subscribers would pay more. That is not in line with my vision so I am quickly working with a company to create a new site where you are not changed fees outside of your subscription commitment. We are are going to work on easier sign-up, gift subscriptions, pet healings and no auto-bill (yearly payment without saving your card).
If there is anything else you are interested in seeing on this site please let us know.
We are going to hopefully have things setup so that you can join the new site Jan 1st or hopefully no later than Feb 1st. March is all about Baby LoveJoy being born so we need to act quickly. 🙂
Thank You for 9+ months of loyal subscription and we have amazing great things in store for all of our futures.
Many Blessings,
Mick LoveJoy
Healings With LoveJoy
Healings With LoveJoy2 weeks ago
Do You Methyl? Got Sulfur?
Healings With LoveJoy
Healings With LoveJoy1 month ago
Basic premises is to Think For Yourself and Do Your Own Research. Don't listen to Ads on TV or most anything on TV or in "popular" media. Most everything has an AGENDA including dumbing you down and keeping you in debt until death.
What is my Agenda? I want you to free yourself so that you can help free others. Together we can all get our lives back and THRIVE!
Healings With LoveJoy
Healings With LoveJoy2 months ago
Today is my 47th Birthday!
Help Me Celebrate!
The Greatest Gift For Me Is Helping Others!
Please Subscribe To My Healing Subscription Or Buy One-On-One Sessions For Yourself Or Loved Ones
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Healings With LoveJoy3 months ago
"People's minds are changed through observation and not through argument." - Will Rogers

"So show them! Be Well. Get your family Well. Get your friends Well. It's going to catch on sooner or later." - Andrew Saul PhD

"Your Are The Resistance" - Anonymous