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Mick & Kimberly LoveJoy are Energy Healers using an advanced form of Theta Healing (healing the mind, body & spirit using Theta brain wave energy). Basically what this means is I connect to Creator Source Energy and use it to change the energy fields of the people I connect with (whom have given me their permission to do so). So if you are missing certain "instructions" or energies I can place them within. If you have "bad code" (beliefs or other energies that are blocking you) I can remove it and replace it with something more supportive to your goals. http://OneDollarHealings.com - Energy Healings for $1 USD a month
Healings With LoveJoy
Healings With LoveJoy3 days ago
Curious about Keto? Join our group and learn how to eat fat to get thin!
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Healings With LoveJoy4 days ago
#Ketofied Everything Bagel made in doughnut pan. 16 gr fat, 3 gr net carbs and 8 gr protein.
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Healings With LoveJoy6 days ago
Woo Hoo! 5 Day (120 Hour) Water Fast Complete! Now it's time to EAT!
#5dayfast #5daydetox #waterfast #waterfasting #waterfastingforhealth #waterfastingforweightloss
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Healings With LoveJoy1 week ago
Sign the Petition: Legalize Marijuana Right Now!
Healings With LoveJoy
BREAKING: Senator Cory Booker's Marijuana Justice Act would legalize marijuana on the federal level. Support this act so Attorney General Sessions cannot incriminate people who legally use marijuana for recreational and medical purposes!
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Great Big Minds
6 Problems With Modern Schooling System. Share your thoughts and comments below. (via @ youtu.be/okpg-lVWLbE)
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Healings With LoveJoy2 weeks ago
Results of 72.5 hours Fasting!
Lost 4 pounds in 3 days!
Got my lowest-ever glucose reading and my highest ever Ketone reading.
Blood Ketones 4.9 & Glucose 64

Best Autophagy = Ketones 2.0 to 4.0 and Glucose 55 to 65